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Employee Directory: Casey Rudkin
P: (907) 262-0375
Location: Walter E. Ward Building (WWB) 234
Campus: Kenai River Campus

Casey Rudkin

Assistant Professor of English

Office Location

Walter E. Ward Building (WWB) 234

Office Hours

  • Monday: 11:00 am - 02:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 02:00 pm - 04:00 pm


Casey J Rudkin, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of English.  She began her academic career at Lansing Community College and understands the value of a great start in college, like students can get at KPC.  She specializes in pedagogy (ways of teaching & learning), rhetorical ways of knowing, technical writing, first-year writing and also domestic texts.  She is particularly interested in mentoring high school and first-year college students in making successful transitions into their roles as academics and members of the university community.   She understands that educators and administrators need to meet students where the students live -- in their worlds and on their terms. She recognizes that all students are capable of success when given access to positive motivation, support and conditions.
Rudkin has published academic work on topics ranging from Edith Wharton to tarot cards and from curricular development to cookbooks.  Her ENGL A111 class focuses on zombies in popular culture while teaching students successful strategies for academic writing.  Her ENGL A212 class focuses on practical writing that will help students obtain jobs and communicate in the workplace.

Rudkin enjoys the literary stylings of H.P. Lovecraft and has visited his grave in Providence, Rhode Island.  She also enjoys some Hemingway thrown in and visited his home when she lived in Key West, Florida.  Some of her current favorite readings are in the steampunk and paranormal genres.  In her free time, she writes, games, adventures and cooks with her family.

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