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Historical Photos

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Big Eddy on the Kenai River, Soldotna 1991
ID: 1012
Dena'ina barabara house, Seldovia early 1900's
ID: 1013
Dena'ina barabara house, Seldovia early 1900's
ID: 1014
Thatch roofed cabins in Seldovia, early 1900's
ID: 1015
Photographer and subjects among the Sitka spruce, Seward early 1900's
ID: 1016
The USS McCullough R.C.S, Unalaska early 1900's
ID: 1017
Chugach Alutiiq barabara on Nuchik, Hinchinbrook Island, Prince William Sound 1888
ID: 1018
Two men in a bidarka canoe, Prince William Sound 1895-1903
ID: 1019
Alaska Native orphans, Tyonek 1921
ID: 1020
Young men at tent site
ID: 1021
Family and their log house, Tyonek 1921-1927
ID: 1022
Seldovia from the beach, 1908
ID: 1023
Aerial view of Seward, 1905
ID: 1024
Looking up 4th Avenue, Seward 1905
ID: 1025
Image Not Available
ID: 1026
Alaska Railroad Sitka spruce trestle, 1907
ID: 1027
Fish trap on the Cook Inlet near Kenai River mouth, 1895
ID: 1028
Image Not Available
ID: 1029
Image Not Available
ID: 1030
Dena'ina village with fish drying racks, Kenai 1899
ID: 1031

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