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Historical Photos

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Kenai Spur Highway mile 1, Soldotna 1950
ID: 169
Buzz saw in use, Soldotna 1950
ID: 170
Burton Carver on tractor at Mile 0.5 Sterling Highway, Soldotna 1950
ID: 171
Burton Carver on tractor, Soldotna 1950
ID: 172
Joyce Carver, Soldotna 1955
ID: 173
Burton Carver, Soldotna 1951
ID: 174
Sheila Taylor and Paul Reger, Soldotna 1957
ID: 175
Dick Gerhart and his cabin at Mile 1+ of Kenai Spur Road, Soldotna 1951
ID: 176
Dick Gerhart and his cabin at Kenai Spur Road mile 1, Soldotna 1951
ID: 177
Image Not Available
ID: 178
Ruth Sandstrom and post office at Kenai Spur Highway mile 0.5, Soldotna 1955
ID: 179
Soldotna Theatre & Soldotna Elementary School, Soldotna 1960
ID: 180
Aerial view of Faa homesite in Soldotna, 1955
ID: 181
Soldotna Medical Clinic, Soldotna 1961
ID: 182
Aerial view of Farnsworth subdivision, Soldotna 1964
ID: 183
Aerial view of Soldotna, 1961
ID: 184
Rhoda Sandstrom standing by the Sterling Highway at Soldotna Creek, Soldotna 1951
ID: 185
Dorothy Sandstrom and helicopter at the Y, Soldotna 1950
ID: 186
Alaska Road Commission equipment and crew, Soldotna 1949
ID: 187
Alaska Road Commission, equipment & crew, Soldotna 1949
ID: 188
Alaska Road Commission equipment, Soldotna 1949
ID: 189
Alaska Road Commission equipment, Soldotna 1949
ID: 190
Alaska Road Commission grader, Soldotna 1949
ID: 191
Mary Mullen and her vegetable stand, Soldotna 1956
ID: 192
Rhoweder Bakery and Soldotna Laundry, Soldotna 1958
ID: 193
Picnic at mouth of Soldotna Creek, Soldotna 1958
ID: 194
Jack Farnsworth digging a well at the Farnsworth house site, Soldotna 1949
ID: 195
Jack Farnsworth digging a well at the Farnsworth house site, Soldotna 1949
ID: 196
Farnsworth family and house, Soldotna 1954
ID: 197
Alfred Trettevik and his cabin, Soldotna 1951
ID: 198
Alfred Trettevik and dog at Armstrong Temlock Cabin, Soldotna 1955
ID: 199
Outhouse, Soldotna 1950's
ID: 200
Skybowl Building, Soldotna mid 1950's
ID: 201
Paul Reger & his dog Laddie, Soldotna 1955
ID: 202
Maude and Corrine Dubendorf at Davenports Café, Soldotna 1950's
ID: 203
Kenai River Bridge, Soldotna 1967
ID: 204
Aerial winter view of Soldotna, late 1950's
ID: 205
Kenai Moose Range sign, Soldotna 1960's
ID: 206
Sterling Highway construction in Ninilchik, 1950's
ID: 207
Misty Coumbe and her mother on Cohoe beach in Ninilchik, 1950
ID: 208
Ninilchik Village, 1950
ID: 209
Homer spit, Homer 1950
ID: 210

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