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All KPC Campuses (Soldotna and Homer) will be closed until 10 am today, January 25, due to expected inclement weather. Classes will resume, and offices will open up at 10 am. 

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University of Alaska Anchorage

Creators of Preparatory Online Resources

TAACCCT Grant Instructional Designers

  • Dr. Val Bieniek, Lead
  • Dr. Susan Clark
  • Ms. Jan Spinato

TAACCCT Content Specialists: English

  • Dr. Cheryl Siemers, KPC Associate Professor English
  • Mr. Scott Downing, KPC Assistant Professor English
  • Ms. Janice High, KPC Associate Professor English
  • Ms. Shona DeVolld, KPC Adjunct Faculty English

TAACCCT Content Specialists: Mathematics

  • Ms. Clair Kochis, KPC Assistant Professor Mathematics
  • Ms. Sara Reinert, KPC Professor Mathematics
  • Ms. Billie Hardy, KPC Developmental Content specialist
  • Ms. Ruth Davies, KPC Adjunct Faculty Mathematics
  • Ms. Tammy Farrell, KPC Adjunct Faculty Mathematics

TAACCCT Content Specialists: Introduction to Distance Learning

  • Dr. Val Bieniek


  • Dr. Paula Martin, KPC Assistant Director for Academic Affairs

Special Thanks to

  • Ms. Karen Zamarron: KPC Grant Budget
  • Ms. Cathy LeCompte: University of Alaska Anchorage, Community and Technical College, AssociateDean and TAACCCT Grant PI
  • US Department of Labor, Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) Grant Program for the funding to create the courses.
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