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Online Writing Lab (OWL)

About the Online Writing Lab

The Online Writing Lab is closed from May 5 - August 23.  If you need assistance during this time, please submit your work to UAA Writing Center.

 The OWL website is part of KRC’s Learning Center. The OWL is staffed by KPC faculty and student tutors. This website addresses issues related to writing: the writing process, essay format, paragraph development, documentation, grammar, and basic writing tips. This site provides students with the opportunity to have a conversation with a trained tutor about their written work. Students will receive feedback containing practical suggestions for revising their paper.

However, it should be noted that OWL tutors will not revise students' papers for them. Tutors will give helpful suggestions and may refer students to resources. Since each individual student is the author of their own paper, they may or may not choose to take the suggestions submitted by the writing tutor. Sessions are meant to be a dialog about your written work.


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