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*Calculus I


Johnson, Jeffrey

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Subject Code/Level/Section

MATH - A251 - 205




Spring Semester 2022

Course Credits


Base fees (other charges may apply)

Description Amount
KPC HC Network Charge $36.00
KPC HC Res Tuition Lower Lvl $936.00

Meeting Times


Building/Room Date Time Day
DIST BLKBD 1/10 - 4/30


(Undergraduate - UAA level MATH A151 Minimum grade of C
AND Undergraduate - UAA level MATH A152 Minimum grade of C)
OR Undergraduate - UAA level MATH A155 Minimum grade of C
OR ALEKS Overall Test 1 score 078
OR ALEKS Overall Test 2 score 078
OR ALEKS Overall Test 3 score 078
OR ALEKS Overall Test 4 score 078
OR ALEKS Overall Test 5 score 078

Course Description

A first course in single-variable calculus. Topics include limits; continuity and differentiation of functions; applications of the derivative to graphing, optimization and rates of change; definite and indefinite integration; and the fundamental theorem of calculus.

Registration Restrictions: If the prerequisite is not satisfied, an approved UAA placement test is required.

Additional Information

Reliable high-speed internet connection required. This course meets 'Quality Matters' national standards for online course quality. More information at

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