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Introductory Topics in Geology


Berg, Edward

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Subject Code/Level/Section

GEOL - A190 - 020




Spring Semester 2022

Course Credits

1 - 3

Base fees (other charges may apply)

Description Amount
KPC HC Res Tuition Lower Lvl $234.00/credit
KPC HC Network Charge $9.00/credit
KPC HC Phy Science Lab Fee $75.00

Meeting Times

Class Meeting

Building/Room Date Time Day
PION P201 4/5 - 4/26 6:00PM - 8:45PM T


Building/Room Date Time Day
PION P201 4/17 8:30AM - 6:00PM U

Course Description

Introductory study of a selected topic in geology.

Special Note: May be repeated with change of topic.

Additional Information

Cycles of Nature Many natural processes occur in cycles. Some cycles are well-understood, such as ocean tides and annual tree-rings. Other cycles are long-standing puzzles, such as banded chert in sedimentary rocks, glaciation, snowshoe hares, voles and shrews, spruce bark beetles, and salmon returns. This course examines a wide variety of natural cycles, with time scales ranging from galactic to geological to seasonal and daily. Emphasis is on appreciating periodicity in nature, with a basic understanding of its varied causes. Field trip includes an all-day boat trip to the Yukon Island - MacDonald Spit – Sadie Cove area.

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