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College Transcripts

You Are Beginning Your College Transcript

College Transcripts & GPA

With your enrollment in college courses you will establish an academic record and official transcript and there are some things you (and your parents) should be aware of:

  • This transcript is the start of your permanent academic record at the university level.
  • The grades you earn can impact many things in the future, such as:
    • Admission to a college or university.
    • Scholarships that include GPA as part of their criteria.
    • Financial aid eligibility, under what's know as Satisfactory Academic Progress.  All colleges and universities are required to monitor academic progress as part of determining eligibility for financial aid.

Because you are building an important part of your academic record you will want to do your best in your classes - completing each one with your best effort. If you find you are struggling with attending class or completing the work please speak with your instructor or advisor right away to discuss options.


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