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High School Students in College

High School Students in College

Taking college classes while still in high school can be a great way to start your college education while meeting high school requirements. However, if a class is closed or cancelled, you should have an alternate plan for filling your high school graduation requirements.

  • Be sure to talk to your high school counselor if you want to use KPC credits for high school requirements.
  • KBC Advisors cannot advise students on their high school requirements.

Are college classes right for you?

When deciding if you should take college classes while still in high school, keep in mind that:

  • CLASSES MOVE VERY QUICKLY. One semester of college coursework in a subject area is equivalent to a full year of high school;
  • Adult themes and diverse perspectives are appropriate for college courses, and all students are treated as adults;
  • Being absent for one three-hour class is the equivalent of missing an entire week in high school;
  • There are no automatic exemptions at KPC for high school sports or other extra-curricular events. 

What are your responsibilities as a college student?

  • Read your course syllabus and understand course expectations.
  • Know when your assignments are due.
  • See your instructor or KBC advisor when you have questions.
  • Come to class prepared. Have assignments completed and be prepared to discuss the material and ask questions as appropriate.
  • Seek English or math tutoring if you need help with the material.
  • Devote the time to be successful.
  • Abide by the Student Code of Conduct!


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