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University of Alaska Anchorage

Director's Welcome

Director's Welcome

Hello! I am Director Gary Turner and I would like to welcome you to Kenai Peninsula College and the University of Alaska Anchorage. I hope your college experience will be both fun and successful. The purpose of this orientation is to help make that success possible. Some of you may already have some college experience; even so, I think you will find the information you are about to receive to be valuable.

In the course of this presentation, you will learn about many resources and services which are available to you as a KPC student. Things like our library, our Learning Center, our counselors, our student health clinic, and many others. You are paying for these services, either through your tuition or fees, so please take advantage of them if you need to. Remember, this is college, not high school; no one is going to come and ask you if you need help. You will need to be enough of an adult to ask for help or seek it out. The help is there, ready and waiting; you just have to ask.

If you can’t determine how to resolve your problem any other way, you can always contact me directly. I have an “Ask The Director” Action Line, at 262-0342. It’s an avenue you can use to communicate questions, comments, and concerns straight to me. Anyone can call and leave a message on the Action Line. For a personal response from me, you will need to leave your name and phone number or email address. Callers can also remain anonymous. All calls will get my personal attention and will be answered in a timely manner.

In conclusion, let me again wish you the best of luck in your future college career.

Welcome to KPC! 


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