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There are many opportunities to sign up for E-Learning courses at KPC. E-Learning courses can be offered through different campuses, and it is your responsibility to check the course “home page” online through the correct campus to get the right information and learn about changes to the class. Please note:

  • Courses that are offered “eLive” (Elluminate Live) meet in real time via the Internet:

    • All E-Learning students meet with their instructor at the same time on the same days in cyberspace!
    • E-Learning students must have sufficient computer abilities, connections, and equipment to participate.
    • Learn more about eLive on the website.  
  • Courses that are offered WEB typically do not meet in real time but may require one or more sessions of communication with the instructor and other stuE-Learningnts via Internet, phone, etc.
  • E-Learning courses fill up even faster than on-campus courses, so register early!
  • Blackboard is often used to help facilitate the E-Learning experience, providing e-mail links, posted content, and discussion boards.
  • Order E-Learning books online at MBSDirect. Use this site to get textbook information regarding E-Learning for KPC courses only. ORDER BOOKS EARLY so you can get them by the time classes start. 
  • If you plan to take a E-Learning course through another UAA, UAS, or UAF campus, look on the web site for that campus for their E-Learning information.
  • Please watch for additional fees that may be associated with E-Learning courses!


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