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Update on UA's COVID-19 response

For the latest information about the University of Alaska's response to the evolving COVID-19 situation, visit

Kenai Peninsula College buildings are closed at this time. All business is being conducted remotely, or by appointment. For general questions, please call 907-262-0330 or email

If you have particular questions regarding technology or need assistance to connect to KPC remotely, call 907-262-0351. If you would like to get more information on classes or set up an appointment for Counseling and Advising, please call 907-262-0383 or email For the Kachemak Bay Campus in Homer, please call Nancy Johnson at 907-235-1655 or email 

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General Information Continued

General Information Continued

How do I get a UAA Student ID number?

Your UAA ID is generated automatically for you after you submit an Admissions or a Non-Degree-Seeking form (paper or online).

You can find out what your number is by following the instructions on UAOnline:

  • Go to UAOnline;  
  • Click on “Logon to Secured Area,” then;
  • Click on “Look up your ID here;
  • You will be directed to, follow the steps to retrieve your ID number.

How can I find what classes are offered and when they are offered?

Go to the searchable schedule online to browse the courses offered.

How do I read the schedule? The Registration screen is asking for “CRN’s,” what are they?

Every class in the UA system is assigned a Course Reference Number, or CRN. This five-digit number is needed in order to register into that class. The CRN is listed in the schedule for each class. The room number, meeting day or days, and meeting time are also listed.

Day of the Week abbreviations

MW - Mondays and Wednesdays
TR - Tuesdays and Thursdays
T  - Tuesdays
W - Wednesdays
R - Thursdays only
M - Mondays only
F - Friday
S - Saturday

What does your tuition pay for?

Tuition is the charge for the actual college instruction. You pay tuition in units of instructional time, called credits. In the schedule, Cr=credit. A three-credit class typically will meet for about 2.5 hours of instructional time per week, for a fifteen-week semester. Since you pay by credit, a three-credit class will cost more (and require more class and homework time) than a one-credit class.

How do I know how much my classes and fees will cost?

The KPC web site lists the tuition and fees for each semester. Also, once you have registered: Go back to the Registration screen and click on Registration Fee Assessment.


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