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University of Alaska Anchorage

Student Union

Student Union

The KRCSU strives to enhance the overall educational experience of students and serves the campus community through development of intellectual, spiritual, cultural, recreational, social, leadership, and employment opportunities.

KRC Student Union serves the following functions:

  • Promoting the needs, general welfare, and rights of students as they pertain to the entire student educational experience
  • Student advocacy in local and statewide government and university governance
  • Supplementing and complementing the educational process
  • Providing for the expression of student opinion
  • Protecting student rights
  • Promoting an understanding of the concept of self-governance
  • Funding and presenting social events such as Open-Mic Night, movie nights, & free food
  • Participating in graduation ceremony events and awards
  • Supporting student clubs
  • Supplying vending machines on campus
  • Providing opportunities for students to be involved and to serve the student body

You can reach the Student Union Office at or by phone at 262-0339.


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