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UAOnline is a very powerful tool for helping students to manage the administrative tasks associated with their education. They can use it to perform many Student Services functions, including:

  • Registering for classes
  • Checking their grades
  • Printing copies of unofficial transcripts
  • Requesting official transcripts
  • Checking their account balance with UA
  • Applying for Direct Deposit Services
  • Checking on their admission status
  • Checking on their financial aid status
  • Updating their personal information, such as addresses, phone numbers and emergency contacts

You can often save yourself a lot of time by checking UAOnline first, then you won't need to call or come by Campus Services unless there is a problem.

You log on to UAOnline using your UA ID number as your User ID and your birthday (MMDDYY) as your default PIN. If you forget your PIN, Campus Services can reset it back to your birthday.

All students also have a UAA-generated e-mail account. This account is created two business days after you first register for a class. This will be the default account at which UAA tries to contact you. Your UAA e-mail can be accessed using your UAA Login ID. If you don't know your UAA Login ID, please call the KPC Help Desk at 262-0351. If you have another e-mail address you prefer, your UAA e-mail can be set to automatically forward to another account.

If you have any questions or problems, contact KPC Campus Services. We will either solve your problem or refer you to someone who can.


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