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All Kenai Peninsula College campus services are available virtually and on campus. Masks are required on campus. For general questions, call 907.262.0300 or email Learn more about UA’s COVID-19 response

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Advising and Registration

Advising and Registration

KPC Counseling and Advising:

  • The day and time noted on the JumpStart form for KPC counselors guarantees a brief meeting with a KPC counselor to check your placement scores and sign paperwork.
  • If you need time to discuss course options, contact the Counseling & Advising Desk at 262-0383 and ask for a high school advising appointment. When you make an appointment, you receive a guaranteed appointment of 20-30 minutes to ask in-depth questions.
  • To be sure you are taking the classes you want to take, always check with your high school counselor for dual credit, and with KPC counselors for college credit, prior to registering.

Registering for KPC courses:

  • ll students regardless of age register online in their student accounts at UAOnline.
  • High school students with UA accounts are eligible to register on the first day of general registration.
  • To register, students must have:
    • Submitted the Non-Degree Seeking Admission form and created their student account.
    • Gone to, found their system-generated username and created a secure, 8-digit password
    • Browsed the Searchable Schedule on the KPC website for the classes, including days/times, for each semester
    • Made a note of the CRN’s: Course Reference Numbers, for each course. These five-digit numbers are required for registration
    • Met all required prerequisites for each course
  • Accessed Student Services and Registration in their accounts at UAOnline
    • Registered for classes by submitting the CRN’s


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