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Basic Policies

Basic Policies

You are planning to apply for a waiver to university policy that will enable you to take college courses as a high school student. This waiver is a privilege, not a right, and is based on your ability to work on an adult level in the college system and your readiness for the academic level required.

Required forms for ALL high school students:

  1. KPC/UA student ID number: If you do not have a UA ID number, complete and submit the Non-Degree-Seeking Admission form to Student Services to create a student account in the university system. You will need your Social Security number to verify identity on the form.
  2. University of Alaska K-12 Student Parent/Guardian Authorization formthis form has to be submitted one time, and kept on file for all high school students taking courses at KPC. Students who register for classes but do not submit this form will be withdrawn from their courses.
  3. Copy of placement test scores: Accuplacer, SAT or ACT scores, or transcripts of a completed college math and English class. Math scores expire in one year. Contact your campus for information on Accuplacer testing. Seats fill up—call early!

Required forms for JumpStart ONLY:

  1. JumpStart Discounted Tuition Application: Complete all information on the High School Student Waiver Application; sign, and get signatures from a parent/guardian. KPC Counselor or Advisor is the last person to review and sign this form.
  2. JumpStart High School New Student Orientation-Certificate of Completion: Print or take a picture of the certificate of completion with your name on it, after passing the brief quiz at the end.

Please Be Aware:

  • Completion of the forms is required, but this does not imply that the courses you would like to take will be open.
  • College classes do fill up, and when the seats in a class are full, the class is closed. 
  • KPC degree-seeking students get first pick at registration. 
  • Be sure to talk to your high school counselor if you want to use KPC credits for high school requirements.
  • KPC counselors cannot advise students on their high school requirements.

Dual-Credit: You will earn University of Alaska Anchorage credit if you successfully complete a class at KPC. UAA is fully accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. Most KPC classes can be used in place of high school courses for credit; however, students must consult their high school counselor for information on their specific outstanding credit requirements and how their high school might apply KPC credits to their requirements.

Completing the JumpStart Discounted Tuition Application process stress-free:

    • KPC registration opens in the preceding semester (general registration for the fall semester opens in April; general registration for the spring semester opens in November).
    • High school counselors, like KPC counselors, have less availability during busy times. Discuss your progress toward graduation requirements and what classes you might use for dual credit with your high school counselor in the spring to prepare for the fall semester, and in the fall to prepare for a spring semester.
    • Read both sides of the JumpStart form before signing. When you come to see the KPC counselor, arrive prepared with your placement testing, certificate of completion from this orientation, parent/guardian signature, a UA ID number, and classes identified by your high school counselor.
  • KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT! Have appropriate expectations:
    • o If you are registering immediately before a semester begins, you are registering at the busiest time for both KPC counselors and your high school counselor.
    • All the required forms and steps are outlined on the JumpStart form: read it!.
    • o Although the Secondary Student/Parent Registration Agreement (SPA) and this orientation only needs completed once, a JumpStart form is required for every semester for which students wish to receive the JumpStart discount. Students who know this will be prepared.
  • READ THE ACADEMIC CALENDAR FOR DEADLINES! The academic calendar lists:
    • The first and last day of classes
    • The deadline for payment without late fees being added
    • The add/drop deadline (last day to add a class, last day to drop a class and still receive a refund)
    • Holidays
    • The first day for general registration (the first day that high school students can register)
    • Students who wait until right before a semester begins will find the process more confusing and more challenging.
    • Students who don’t arrange a meeting with their high school counselor the semester before may find them difficult to meet with before a semester begins.
    • Students who do not read the JumpStart application thoroughly miss important pieces of the process.


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