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College Course Expectation

College Course Expectations

Adult themes and diverse perspectives are appropriate for college courses, and all students are treated as adults.

College Course Etiquette 101 has only three main points: 

  • College students do not distract others from learning, or distract the professor from teaching.
  • College students show respect for all other points of view, even those with which they personally disagree.
  • College students are responsible for their own learning, attendance, and study habits, and receive help when they ask for it.
  • It is your responsibility to keep in contact with your instructor in case of an emergency that prevents you from attending class. Use the contact information on your syllabus.
  • Instructors can ask students who are distracting others or behaving disrespectfully to stop the behavior, or leave the class.
  • All KPC students, regardless of age, will be held accountable according to the Student Code of Conduct (found in the KPC catalog).
  • Cheating and plagiarism will result in sanctions. These sanctions can include a grade of F on the assignment, a grade of F for the entire course, or even removal from the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Q: Okay, I have to be responsible for myself, got that, now how do my KPC courses fit into my high school schedule?

  • Many students want to use their KPC courses for “dual-credit,” meaning that as you earn UAA credit at KPC, the courses also can be applied at your high school toward your graduation requirements. Only your high school counselor can tell you what you will be awarded in high school credits for the courses you take at KPC. BEFORE YOU REGISTER FOR KPC COURSES, check the courses with your high school counselor! The KPC counselors will advise only on college programs and courses.
  • There are no automatic exemptions at KPC for your high school sports or events. If your college course syllabus indicates an attendance policy, you’ll be held to it—that is, treated just like every other college student whether you are the captain of the football, chess, or gymnastics team or not. If you know you are going to miss a class, talk to your instructor before you miss the class about how you can prepare to turn in work or take an exam early!

At your high school, your parents/guardians have access to your school information. At KPC, student records are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. We are not allowed to discriminate in FERPA policy against students on the basis of age.

Q: What does FERPA mean to you and your parents?
Regardless of your status as a minor, in order for your records, including grades, transcripts, proof of enrollment, or any other information about you to be released to a third party, you are required to:

  • Complete a Consent for Release of Student Information form, and:
  • Specify on the form what kind of information you authorize to be released and to whom it can be released, and
  • Bring it in to Student Services. You will need to show photo ID, and you will need to sign it in front of KPC personnel.

In addition, when your parent/guardian comes in to request your information, they must present photo ID to prove that they are the person you have listed on the form.

Q: What if my high school counselor or insurance company wants verification of my enrollment or grades?
You print your own transcripts or verification from your UAA Student account at any computer with a printer. If you don’t know how, come to Student Services and we’ll help you learn how!

Q: I registered into a class, but now I realize it won’t work for me to take the class. What happens if I just don’t show up for class?
You will be charged the tuition and fees whether you attend or not, and you’ll end up with a grade of F, making it hard to be admitted into degree programs or receive financial aid in the future. You have to submit the Drop form in Student Services by the refund deadlines in order to receive any refund!

Independence check: It’s up to you to manage your time, evaluate your high school commitments, and make sure you will be able to attend class at KPC consistently before you register; and to drop the class during the refund period if you decide not to take the class after all.


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