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Update on UA's COVID-19 response

For the latest information about the University of Alaska's response to the evolving COVID-19 situation, visit

Kenai Peninsula College buildings are closed at this time. All business is being conducted remotely, or by appointment. For general questions, please call 907-262-0330 or email

If you have particular questions regarding technology or need assistance to connect to KPC remotely, call 907-262-0351. If you would like to get more information on classes or set up an appointment for Counseling and Advising, please call 907-262-0383 or email For the Kachemak Bay Campus in Homer, please call Nancy Johnson at 907-235-1655 or email 

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Common Mistakes

Be Successful - Avoid Common Mistakes

DO NOT SKIP CLASS. Many students believe that if attendance isn’t taken, skipping class is okay. College instructors may have an attendance policy that penalizes students when they miss class, and courses that do not have an attendance policy will be very difficult to pass if you miss classes. You may need to miss by accident: illness, car won’t start, etc; so never miss on purpose. If you do miss, notify your instructor and get notes and assignments from fellow students right away.

EXPECT TO READ, READ, READ. Many students assume that one reading of a chapter is enough. At the college level, you read it until you understand it; so be prepared to spend much more time re-reading and working with your course material to perform well on assignments and exams.

KEEP UP WITH YOUR ASSIGNMENTS. When students let themselves get behind, they usually feel overwhelmed and may be tempted to give up. Keep yourself feeling good by keeping up with your work consistently.

BE REALISTIC ABOUT YOUR LIFE. Be realistic in terms of your life and your time. Being motivated and working hard goes a long way -- but you can't get more hours in a day no matter how hard you work.

TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. Your printer might have broken, but why did you try to print your paper right before it was due? Plan ahead and learn from your mistakes; your success depends more on what you choose than on anyone else.

What is JumpStart? 

  • Jumpstart is a program in which the Kenai Peninsula Borough subsidizes KPC tuition costs KPBSD high school students, starting fall of their junior year, up to six credits per semester. Additional credits are billed at the full price.
  • Only high school juniors and seniors are eligible for the Jumpstart discount. This discount applies only to courses taken through KPC. It will not apply to distance classes taken from any other branch of the University of Alaska system. 
  • Sophomores and freshmen pay full price per credit for tuition. 
  • The Jumpstart discount cannot be used for more than five semesters (fall and spring semesters of junior year; summer semester between spring of junior year and fall of senior year; and fall and spring semesters of senior year) regardless of the number of credits for which the student registers.  
  • Students become eligible for the Jumpstart discount for the fall semester following the completion of their sophomore year. The Jumpstart discount does not apply to the summer semester following the sophomore year. 
  • It is a student’s responsibility to verify they have gained junior or senior status and are eligible for Jumpstart. If a student registers under Jumpstart and the Kenai Peninsula Borough decides that s/he is ineligible for the Jumpstart discount for any reason, the student is responsible for paying the portion of tuition that was originally charged to the Jumpstart program. 
  • Eligible students who fail to complete and submit a JumpStart application for each semester will not receive the discount. 


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