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Q: What does each required form do?
One-time forms:

  • The Non-Degree Seeking Admission form is used to generate a KPC/UA student ID number and create your student account in the system. Without this account, you won’t exist as a student in the system. You need to verify your identity with your social Security number in order to submit this form and create an account.
  • The University of Alaska K-12 Student Parent/Guardian Authorization form allows students to take college courses as a high school student by making sure that students and parents understand and accept university policies.
  • The High School New Student Orientation Certificate of Completion showing that you passed the brief quiz at the end of this orientation. All JumpStart applicants need this form.

Forms required each semester of attendance:

JumpStart Discounted Tuition Application form is used to:

  • Authorize KPC accounting to add the JumpStart tuition discount to your student account. No form, no discount. Students who are not eligible (freshmen, sophomores, or not KPB residents) will not need this form
  • Identify classes, test scores and other prerequisites for KPC counselor review and discussion
  • Identify eligibility for the JumpStart discount
  • Track the number of high school students who utilize the JumpStart discount
  • Give students and parents essential information about the JumpStart policies, including changes from semester to semester
  • Provide documentation of parent support for the high school student’s courses for each semester

Q:Where do I get the forms
A: Links to all of the required forms are on our website and in this orientation. In addition, forms are available in Student Services on campus.


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