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High School Student Orientation

KPC's Kenai River Campus High School New Student Orientation

Why should you take this orientation?

This orientation is recommended for all high school students, and is required for all high school students applying for the JumpStart discounted tuition program. It is important that high school students create a successful early college experience. Completion of a college orientation helps support this goal.


Click the Next button to proceed through the orientation. You will complete a brief quiz at the end.

After successfully completing the quiz:

1. Immediately print out or take a picture of your Certificate of Completion, if you are applying for the JumpStart discount, and
2. Keep it with your completed High School Student Waiver Application.
3. Bring both forms to a KPC counselor at a time designated on the JumpStart form, for the counselor’s signature. If you need additional time to discuss course options, please call the Counseling & Advising Desk at 262-0383 and ask for a high school advising appointment.

Neither the JumpStart program nor the home school programs will pay for student activity or health center fees.

Payment must be completed by the end of the add/drop deadline (5 p.m. on the Friday of the second week of classes) or late fees will apply.

Special note for home school program students: You can bring your authorization reimbursement forms to KPC accounting on the same day and time that KPC counselors are available for signatures. Check the JumpStart application for the days and times.

Disclaimer: It is the responsibility of the student to become familiar with the policies and regulations of Kenai Peninsula College on this website. The responsibility for meeting all graduation requirements rests with the student. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this information; however, this information is not a contract but rather a guide for the convenience of students.


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