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More Information

Q: I want to take my “basics,” to prepare to go to college in the future, but I’m not sure what classes they are. How do I find out?

The “basic” classes are usually known as General Education Requirement courses (GERs) or “Core” classes. GERs are identified in the KPC Course Schedule each semester in the written course descriptions. First, you will need to have your placement test results. You can go over these with your high school counselor for guidance and signature on your waiver form, and then KPC counselors can usually help identify options when you are ready to register.

Q: I scored into a Math 054 or 055 class, or a “PRPE” class for English. Will these classes count toward a college degree?

No. Courses that begin with a zero (Math 054 for example) or the initials PRPE are remedial courses, meaning that they are high school level courses. You have access to this level of Math and English already through your high school program. You can take these courses at KPC if seats are available, but they are preparatory only and cannot be counted toward a college degree program or transferred to other colleges as they are not college level. They cost the same amount per credit as any other KPC course.

Q: Can high school students take online classes at KPC?

Yes. KPC allows high school students the same access to distance-delivered classes as face-to-face classes. Be aware however: 

  • Online classes tend to have a heavier workload and strict deadlines for student work, so be prepared.
  • Textbooks for online courses have to be ordered by the student, so early registration is essential.
  • Online courses often fill with college students before high school students are allowed to register, so as always, be prepared to meet your high school requirements via your high school curriculum if the course you want has filled.

Q: I want to register for a higher level of English or math than the level I placed into on the placement test. Can I do this?

Short answer: Usually not. It is very important to us that you have the best chance possible to be successful.

Long answer: Not for English course placement; but sometimes for math and other disciplines. You must obtain faculty permission from either the department chair or the instructor of the course (they must sign to give permission for the higher course on your High School Student Waiver Application form). If you get faculty permission, you will be allowed to register into the higher level course. English faculty will not sign you into a higher course than that into which you tested, so your options are to retake the test and do better, take the lower course, or finish your high school English course and retake Accuplacer at that time, which costs another $15.

Q: I scored into ENGL 111 (for example). How do I find out when this class is offered?

You will find this information in the course schedule for the semester in which you will be registering, as well as on the KPC website's searchable schedule. For some classes, there are several sections that are offered. Since the section you want may be full already, look at as many options as you can.

Q: How do I read the days/times in the course schedule?

In the course schedule, you will see the days and times of each section listed. Initials are used for the day(s) the class meets, as follows:

MW - Mondays and Wednesdays
TR - Tuesdays and Thursdays
R - Thursdays only
M - Mondays only
F - Friday
S - Saturday


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