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All Kenai Peninsula College campus services are available virtually and on campus. Masks are required on campus. For general questions, call 907.262.0300 or email Learn more about UA’s COVID-19 response

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Online Resources

Online Resources


Establishing a Student Username and Password: All students should immediately establish these when registering into classes for the first time. 

  • The username/password combo is used to access UAA online functions:
    • UAOnline
    • Student Webmail
    • Blackboard

The Username is:

  • Automatically generated by the UA system, not chosen by the student
  • Composed of initials+last name in full or part, depending on length, and a number if your username letters are already in use; find yours at
  • The first part of your student webmail address (just add

The Password is:

  • Generated by the student
  • Composed of at least eight characters, including one uppercase, one lowercase, and one number or special character
  • Able to be changed at any time by the student

UA Student ID number:

  • You provided your Social Security Number (SSN) initially for verification purposes on the Non-Degree Seeking Admission form.
  • You were assigned a permanent UA Student ID number in lieu of using your SSN.
  • Allows you to search for your username and change your password.

Finding your Username and Setting your Password:

  1. Go to
  2. If you have your UA student ID#, choose option 3
  3. If you don’t have your UA student ID#, choose Option 3
  4. Follow the prompts. Be prepared to set up security questions and choose a password that meets the criteria
  5. It can take a day or two for your username/password combo to work in the system, so be patient.

Using UAOnline: Find the UAOnline link in the gray bar at the top of the KPC website.

  • Viewing and printing their registrations and schedules
  • Searching for classes
  • Checking their grades
  • Printing copies of unofficial transcripts
  • Requesting official transcripts
  • Checking their account balance with UA
  • Checking on their admission status when applying for a degree program
  • Checking on their Financial Aid status
  • Updating their personal information, such as addresses, phone numbers and emergency contacts. You can often save yourself time by checking UAOnline before contacting Campus Services.

Using Student Webmail: Find the Webmail link under ‘Students’ on the KPC website.

All students have a UAA-generated e-mail account; this will be the default account at which UAA tries to contact you. This account is created two business days after you first register for a class. If you have any questions or problems, contact KPC Campus Services.

Blackboard: Find the Blackboard link at the top of the KPC website. Blackboard is a course management system that allows faculty and students to work together online:

  • Faculty and students may share documents (such as the course syllabus) on Blackboard.
  • Faculty and students may communicate via discussion boards or e-mail in Blackboard.
  • Faculty may post grades in Blackboard for individual student access.
  • Students may be asked to evaluate their courses and instructors on Blackboard.
  • Some classes (listed on the schedule as WEB or ELIVE) are entirely offered via Blackboard.

Distance courses, also known as Online courses or E-learning courses:

  • Courses that are offered online typically do not meet in real time but may require one or more sessions of communication with the instructor and other students via Internet, phone, etc. Blackboard is often used to help facilitate the experience, providing e-mail links, posted content and discussion boards. High speed, consistent internet access is necessary to take online courses. 
  • Order your books online at mbsDirect to get textbook information and order for KPC courses. Order books early so you can get them on time. If you find books through another company, make sure the edition is correct, and that any packaged additional resources (CD’s, Access passes to online resources, handbooks, etc.) required by the instructor are available with the book.
  • If you plan to take an online course through the UAA, UAS or UAF campuses, look on the web site for that campus for their E-Learning and high school student information.
  • Please watch for additional fees that may be associated with distance courses.
  • Only distance courses offered by a KPC campus can be discounted for Jumpstart students.


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