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Placement Testing

Placement Testing

Q: How do I know what classes I can apply to take at KPC?

College courses require you to meet test score prerequisites, so what you can take will be determined largely from your placement test scores. Printed or electronically accessible ACT or SAT scores that are no more than one year old for math, or the results from the Accuplacer test that you sign up to take at KRC, are required.

The Accuplacer tests ability levels in English (reading and writing) and math, and converts your scores into recommended courses at KPC. Make an appointment early for this test.

Q: Why do I need English and math placement test results to take Spanish 101 or Psychology 111? They aren’t English or Math classes.

Even college courses that are not English and Math courses require testing in order to determine each student’s suitability for classes that will require reading and writing at the college level. Even classes like art or photography can require reading and writing. Students can opt to take only the reading and writing portion, or only the math portion of Accuplacer, but they will not be allowed to register for any Math class until they have math placement scores or any other class until they have reading and writing scores.

Individual instructors can approve and assign an override of prerequisites for any student for their courses. Instructor override is required; KPC counselors or admissions staff cannot override prerequisites for students. Instructor override is only applicable to that one course and does not fulfill the requirement for placement testing.

Q: How do I take the placement test that KPC provides (Accuplacer)?

  • Reserve a seat for the test by calling to sign up. Seats fill up, so sign up early. Call 262-0300, or visit Student Services for help.
  • Before you are given an appointment, you are required to pay the testing fee at the KPC Bookstore, in person or over the phone at 262-0312.
  • You will need to obtain a KPC/UA Student ID number by completing the Non-Degree Seeking Application form and submitting it to Admissions and Registration; this requires your social security number for identity purposes.
  • The testing takes about 1.5-2 hours. It is not a timed test.
  • You need to show photo ID at the time of taking the test, or you cannot take the test.


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