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Satisfactory Academic Progress

IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING FUTURE ELIGIBILITY FOR FEDERAL AID: How well you do academically at KPC will affect your future college plans, including eligibility for federal student aid. Please read the below carefully.

College Transcripts, GPA and Drops/Withdrawals

  • You will establish a college transcript and a college GPA when you take classes at KPC.
  • Your college GPA can affect your eligibility for admissions and/or financial aid, when you apply for them in the future.

Future Federal Financial Aid Eligibility Warning

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is measured by financial aid departments to determine eligibility to receive federal aid. These measures can include G.P.A. and completion ratio (number of credits registered for to number of credits completed).

Failure to maintain SAP can result in: 

  • Ineligibility to receive federal financial aid in the future when you are ready to attend college; and/or
  • Ineligibility to be admitted into degree programs.

Dropping vs. Withdrawing

  • The Add/Drop period occurs during the first two weeks of the semester, will allow you to receive a refund, and will not impact your GPA or completion ratio. The Drop/Refund deadline is 5 p.m. on the Friday of the second week of classes.
  • Student-Initiated Withdrawal can occur after the end of the Drop period and ends at the end of week 12 of Fall semesters and week 10 of spring semesters (for actual dates, see the academic calendar). 
    • Withdrawal results in a grade of W, which does not impact GPA.
    • A grade of W will be counted in the completion ratio of credits registered for to credits earned; a ratio of at least 2/3 is required for financial aid eligibility.

The following grades are considered non-satisfactory completion, and will work against your completion ratio (only the F also impacts your GPA):

  • W (Withdrawal after the Drop deadline, which is two weeks into the semester)
  • I (Incomplete—this grade is requested by the student when a student is doing well academically, has completed the majority of work for the course, and is requesting an extension of time to complete a small amount of outstanding work. An Incomplete is given or refused at the discretion of the instructor)
  • AU (Audit—to change a course to audit, a form must be completed before the end of the Add/Drop period)
  • NB (No Basis—this is a grade issued at the discretion of the instructor, and is given when so little work or attendance has occurred that the instructor determines that there is no basis upon which to provide a letter grade)
  • F (no credit earned, 0.0 GPA)

Before Dropping or Withdrawing from a class: Talk to your instructor, see a KPC counselor, use a tutor in the Learning Center; get help before you need to withdraw.

  • You must formally drop any class you have registered for by the withdrawal deadline or you will still be enrolled in the class, whether or not you attend or complete the class requirements.
  • Submission of a Registration/Add/Drop is required to drop or withdraw from a class, and a fee may be applied.
  • Forms are available in Student Services or you can download student forms.
  • You are responsible for reading and understanding KPC policies, and the current deadlines for dropping or withdrawing from a class as well as the policy for refunds/no refunds.
  • The refund, drop, and withdrawal dates for each semester are listed on the academic calendar.


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