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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

  • Student fees are charged to all students based on the number of credits for which they register. “Tuition” refers to the amount charged per credit; student fees and books are not included in the tuition cost!
  • Fees include additional student costs. Examples include technology support, e-learning support, and student activities (Student Union) fees.
  • Students who fail to drop/withdraw from a class they don’t finish, or who fail to pay tuition and fees in full, are responsible for the total amount due as well as any collection costs associated with the debt.
  • Tuition pays for the opportunity to attend class and receive instruction from faculty. It does not “pay” for your grade in the class. The grade you earn is dependent upon your effort and performance. 'F's and 'D's cost the same as 'A's and 'B's, so work hard and do your best.

Tuition for KPC Jumpstart Students


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