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After considerable thought and discussion, KPC’s Kenai River Campus has decided that the Residence Hall will go on a one-year hiatus, beginning June 30, 2020, to determine how the campus can move forward in the future.


In the KPC Residence Hall, we believe that learning should extend beyond the classroom, so we are happy to offer several Living-Learning communities that students can be involved in. These communities are designed to house individuals with common interests, backgrounds, and areas of study and help build connections between peers.

Gateway Scholars

A smiling male RA.Gateway Scholars is designed with the intent to increase success for students moving from high school to college. This residential program effectively bridges student's academic and social lives by creating an academic cohort for students who live and learn together. For more information, visit our Gateway Scholars Page!

Alaska Native

Two Alaska Native college girls sit on a couch together, smiling at the camera.The Alaska Native Community is designed to give Alaska Native students the best opportunity to develop their own college experiences in a way that fits them best.  Students will live, study and build relationships within a small, tight-knit supportive community that supports Native Ways of Knowing and promotes Native Values as they pursue their academic goals.

Process Technology & Instrumentation 

The Process Tech and Instrumentation Living Learning Community is a unique community to
Kenai PeninsulaA smiling male RA. College. As a community of learners, Process Tech and Instrumentation students who reside in the Living Learning community are given unique opportunities to expand their learning outside of the classroom through natural dialogue, study groups, guest speakers, faculty-led discussions and other activities.

Impromptu Communities

While the KPC Residence Hall currently only offers three official communities, we also have the abilityA group of students in front of the KPC dorms standing around a helicopter.
to form new and temporary communities based on student interests. Examples include
EMS (Paramedic/Firefighter), Non-Traditional Students, and Leadership & Service.

Other Opportunities

Outside of our Living and Learning communities we also offer a unique Substance-Free community. Students who choose to live in this community agree to abstain from the influence of alcohol and drugs while living in the community, and alcohol is not allowed anywhere within the quad. This provides a safe zone for students who may have struggled with addiction in the past or do not desire to have the influence of substances in their lives.

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