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KPC ResLife
Community Life

Community Life

After considerable thought and discussion, KPC’s Kenai River Campus has decided that the Residence Hall will go on a one-year hiatus, beginning June 30, 2020, to determine how the campus can move forward in the future.

What is the college experience?

Full-Time students spend an average of:

  • 15 hours a week in class
  • 45 hours a week studying
  • 20 hours a week working
  • 42 hours a week sleeping

So what do they do with the other 44 hours a week? They live the college experience!

Here at KPC ResLife, we exist not only to give students a place to sleep and study but a place to live and to learn. Residents are constantly given opportunities to meet new people, explore new interests & ideas, get leadership experience, and get involved.



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