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Fog rolling in across Kachemak Bay

Kachemak Bay: a marine wonderland!

Students from all over the country are enrolling in KBC's Semester by the Bay program.

A paramedic student with safety glasses is pictured with an IV bag in the background

KRC offers a full slate of EMS courses!

A world class EMS department offers ETT, EMT I, II, III and a Paramedic AAS degree!

An aerial image of the Kenai River Campus with the Kenai River and Soldotna in the background

KPC: UAA on the Peninsula

KPC has offered quality higher education for more than 53 years!

Professor Alan Boraas and students in a Dena'ina language class practicing writing the language

Revitalizing AK Native languages is a KPC priority!

Now offering language courses in Dena'ina, Ahtna and Yupik!

A KRC student is watching an indicator as she closes a valve in the process simulator

KPC has programs to train operators and instrument techs!

Offering training in a state-of-the-art Career & Tech Center at KRC!


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$175 late payment fee assessedCollege Wide
Jul 26
All Day

$175 late payment fee assessed

A $175 late payment fee will be assessed on all outstanding tuition and fees July 26. 

Deadline for KPC/UAA summer graduation applicationCollege Wide
Jul 26
All Day

Deadline for KPC/UAA summer graduation application

The deadline for KPC/UAA summer graduation applications is July 26. 

Last day of classes for second five-week session and the ten-week sessionCollege Wide
Aug 3
All Day

Last day of classes for second five-week session and the ten-week session

The last day of classes for the summer 2019 second five-week session and the ten-week session is August 3. 

Grades entered by faculty via UAOnlineCollege Wide
Aug 7
All Day

Grades entered by faculty via UAOnline

Grades will be entered by faculty via UAOnline for the second five-week and the ten-week summer sessions August 7. Grades will be available to view…

Grades available to view via UAOnline for Second Five-Week and Ten-Week SessionCollege Wide
Aug 8
All Day

Grades available to view via UAOnline for Second Five-Week and Ten-Week Session

Grades will be available to view via UAOnline for the summer 2019 second five-week and ten-week sessions August 8. 

"Kenai Peninsula College is committed to excellence in education, training and life-long learning by offering accessible opportunities in a supportive environment."

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This month's KPC Word on Campus

What do you think about the governor's proposed budget for UA? Explain.

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Photo of Skyler Diehl

It's a little unfortunate. As a person going into an education field, I don't think it’s a good idea to cut short the budget for education planning.

– Skyler Diehl, KRC

bachelor of arts, history

Photo of Zobaeida Rudkin

The current budget that the governor put out would harm the university because the cuts would be equivalent to cutting UAA and UAS. The UA system would not be able to support the students under this budget.

– Zobaeida Rudkin, KRC

bachelor of science, natural science

Photo of Amber Bridgeman

I think the budget would ruin Homer’s schools and change the lives of students. I do not know where I would be without this college. It hurts me to even think about what would happen to the community. It gives no opportunity for the students here for the chance of higher education. I love KBC and disagree with this budget.

– Amber Bridgeman, KBC

bachelor of science, nursing

Photo of Micheala Bouyea

A 41 percent cut could devastate our school. In a small town like this, there are only so many retail jobs. We need KBC for our workforce. This could really impact our small campus and town negatively.

– Micheala Bouyea, KBC

certified nurse's aide

Photo of Sadie Averill

I think that it can be considered a detriment to our education program because, as a student, obviously education is very important to me, and I feel that it’s a very important part of our state seeing as we only have one university program encompassed by the whole state. So cutting back even more on it to give people less degree options, it’s going to make people more likely to already go out of state as opposed to staying in state, keeping jobs in state and renewing our economy, because once they leave they typically don't come back.

– Sadie Averill, KRC

bachelor of elementary education

Photo of Isaac Averrill

I do not think we should be cutting funding on the education system when we already have so little funding.

– Isaac Averrill, KRC

associate of applied science, general business

Photo of Shawn VanSandt

I believe that a cut is a huge mistake. The fact is that our state is behind in education and we want to pull more money from it. I personally have benefitted from the grants and I would hope that other individuals have that same privilege.

– Shawn VanSandt, KBC

certified nurse's aide

Photo of Ana Sepeta

I think the governor doesn't realize the necessity of having a solid infrastructure for education in Alaska and that education needs to be accessible in order for the workforce to thrive.

– Ana Sepeta, KRC

associate of arts

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