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University of Alaska Anchorage

UA Credit Transfer

University of Alaska Credit Transfer

Taking Classes from Multiple UA Campuses

UAA, UAF and UAS are separately accredited universities; classes do not automatically transfer between universities.UA_transfer_credit

Classes with similar names or course numbers taken from UAS or UAF campuses, may not satisfy requirements for UAA degrees. Degree-seeking students taking distance classes from multiple universities should work closely with their program advisor when choosing classes.

To transfer a class taken from a campus of UAF, UAS or PWSCC to UAA, students must submit a completed Request to Add University of Alaska System Courses form to the Office of the Registrar.

The University of Alaska Transfer Credit Resource Site was designed to provide you with the ability to query a database of courses that have been officially evaluated from other regionally accredited universities and and colleges within Alaska, across the United States, Canada and Australia. This site is not an official evaluation or a promise of how credits will transfer. It is a intended as a resource tool to give students some idea of how things have transferred (or not) in the past. It is an excellent tool to gather information to bring with you for an appointment with your program advisor!

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