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Procurement Services

Procurement Services (Purchasing)

All acquisition of goods and services used by KPC are handled by the Procurement Office. As with all areas of the college, the staff is committed to providing prompt and courteous service. All purchases are subject to strict guidelines in accordance with state and federal laws and University regulations as well as close public scrutiny.

Using a centralized system, purchasing authority is delegated to specific individuals. All KPC funds, except for payroll, are expended through the Purchasing office. With no exceptions, all purchasing approvals must be obtained PRIOR to creating a commitment to pay. Purchases made prior to receiving an approved Purchase Order are unauthorized and may become the financial responsibility of the individual who made the purchase.

Learn more about UAA procurement requirements

Purchases Under $100

Purchases less than $100 may be made with petty cash. Reimbursement for these expenditures require prior department head approval and are subject to review. Employees seeking reimbursement through petty cash are not reimbursed for sales tax. A copy of the KPC Sales Tax Exempt Card can be obtained from the Purchasing office prior to making a purchase.

Purchases Under $5,000

In order to purchase at this level, designated employees initiate the process by submitting a Purchase Requisition (PR) form to the Purchasing Office. The PR form is an internal document and does not constitute purchasing approval. Only upon approval will the Purchasing office will issue a Purchase Order (PO)that encumbers funds for the purchase.

Faculty can ask for assistance from the division secretary or the Purchasing office to obtain or complete a PR form. The form can be filled out and submitted electronically with an approved digital signiture. Normal turnaround time to process a PR form is three business days. 

Purchases Over $5,000

This level of purchase requires formal competition (quotes, bids or proposals) and must be coordinated through the Purchasing Office. All formal requests for quotations, bids and proposals are solicited by the Purchasing Office. Turnaround time depends on the complexity and dollar value of the purchase.

Credit Card Purchases

For situations where a credit card is needed for a purchase, e.g. purchasing items online, the purchasing office has a University-issued credit card that can be used for the transaction. Contact the Purchasing Office for information on how to use this service.


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