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University of Alaska Anchorage

Travel Information

Travel Information

All UA employees must complete Concur training and apply for the UA travel card to be eligible to travel. Training dates and information can be found on the UA Travel page.

All travel must be processed through Concur.

DeAnne Ruiz (KRC) or Sue Gordon (KBC) or your departmental delegate can provide hands on support as needed. Concur training is required only once however a refresher course is recommended.

Note: KPC travel policy is that all travel to Anchorage is by air. 

Before Travel 

All travel must be preapproved. Approved travel must be entered into Concur no less than five business days prior to departure date. Trips should be named as Last Name_First Initial_Trip Dates_Destination. Travel requests must include approval from Director Siemers as an attachment.

KPC travel approval process:

  • Employee sends an email to supervisor requesting permission to travel. This should include the following:
    • Purpose
    • Travel dates
    • Mode(s) of transportation
    • Date of approved driving privileges, if applicable
    • Estimated costs
    • Funding Source
  • KRC (Soldotna) supervisor forwards email to Director Siemers indicating support for travel approval. 
  • KBC (Homer) supervisor forwards email to Campus Director Brewer, indicating support for travel approval, who will forward to Director Siemers. 
  • Upon approval by Director Siemers, supervisor returns approval email to employee.
  • Employee uploads this email as an attachment to the Concur travel request.
  • Once the request is submitted through Concur it goes through final approval by the administrative services director and then to the employee's supervisor. 

During Travel

Your UA travel card will upload charges directly into your Concur expense report. Use the Concur Mobile app to take pictures of and organize receipts for your expense report. 

After Travel

After travel is completed, an expense report must be created and submitted via Concur within 15 workdays of travel completion. Required receipts, conference agendas, etc. need to be included in your report. Expense reports will not be approved without this back-up. 

Canceling Trips in Concur

For information on canceling trips in Concur, please refer to the Canceling Trips in Concur document. It will walk you through the steps to cancel. 

If you need  help to cancel a trip in Concur please reach out to DeAnne Ruiz

Contact Info

DeAnne Ruiz
DeAnne Ruiz
Accounts Payable & Travel Technician
(907) 262-0308
Enid S. McLane Building (EMB) 169K
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