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Travel Information

Travel Information

Before Travel

Before you begin your travel, a travel authorization form must be completed and submitted through the TEM (Travel Expense Module) system. TAs can be created here, by clicking TEM-Prod. Login using your UA ID number and the numerical pin you use for UAOnline.

TAs must be approved by the department (three days before the trip) before making any airline or conference-related reservations. Faculty members should send their travel requests to their faculty secretary to process a TA as a delegate.

Find training videos and helpful information on using the TEM system here. Additional questions can be directed to Lake Nash.

After Travel

After travel is completed, an expense request must be created and submitted via the TEM system within 15 work days of travel completion, regardless if claiming any expenses. All receipts, conference agendas, approved TAs, etc. need to be submitted to your delegate or directly to Lake Nash to serve as back up to your expense report. ERs will not be approved without this back-up. For more information, check out the following resources: 

Driving a Vehicle for KPC-Related Activities

The following documents must be on file and renewed annually with the Travel Department in order to drive a personal vehicle for college business, driving a college-owned vehicle or rental vehicles:

  • A copy of your Alaska Driver's Record;
  • A signed Driver's Verification form (must information Travel Department by next business day of any new violations or license revocation); 
  • An approved TA.

Supervisors are required to ensure that their employees comply with the required documentation in order to operate a vehicle while on KPC business or risk denial of reimbursements. Departments risk being responsible for the costs of claims (property, liability, damage awards) that result if an employee does not comply with regulations and operate a vehicle while on KPC business. Employees can apply for reimbursement for personal vehicle usage. The reimbursement covers costs of insurance, maintenance, depreciation, fuel, etc. 

NOTE: An official five-year record can be picked up in person at your local DMV. The record costs $10, but can be reimbursed through petty cash.

Accidents and Citations While on KPC-Related Business


Vehicle owners in Alaska are required by law to carry liability insurance. The University will cover liability claims that exceed the employee's personal insurance as long as the accident happened in the course of the employee's scope of employment. Physical damage to personal vehicles is not covered by the University.


The University will cover claims dependent on proper authorization being in place for renting the vehicle and that the accident occurred during the course and scope of employment. If the employee was on a personal errand or if they violated the law, the University reserves the right to deny the claim or may initiate actions against the employee to recover costs. KPC encourages supervisors and employees to carefully evaluate the need to rent vehicles and encourages the use of shuttles and taxis to avoid the possibility of accident claims that could result in the departments' having to cover claim deductibles.


Because receiving citations is considered not within the course and scope of employment, the employee is responsible for paying any fines unless the citation is for a vehicle deficiency that was not obvious when the vehicle was assigned. The department claiming control of the vehicle is responsible for paying or mitigating the situation. Contact the Travel department for more information.

For more information about traveling while on KPC business, contact Katie Wells or Lake Nash.

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