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Prerequisites & Course Level Expectations


Students are expected to meet prerequisites for all courses. Prerequisites are listed with the course description and indicate the preparation and/or background necessary to undertake academic study. Unless otherwise noted, a passing grade (A, B, C, CR, or P) is required in order to satisfy the prerequisites. If a student has not met the necessary prerequisites, they may request permission from the instructor of the course to register for the class. It is the responsibility of the instructor to to enter the appropriate override codes that will allow the student to register. A faculty member may withdraw students who enroll without prerequisites or faculty permission.

Course Numbering System

  • A001-A049: are offered as career development courses, continuing education, 

    or for community interest instruction. They are not applicable to any degree or certificate requirements.

  • A050-A099:  courses with these numbers provide basic or supplemental preparation for introductory college courses. They are not applicable to certificates or associate, baccalaureate or graduate degrees, even by petition. 

Lower-Division Courses

Lower-division courses are usually taken by freshmen and sophomores.

  • A100-A199 Freshman-level, lower-division courses introduce a field of knowledge and/or develop basic skills. These are usually foundation or survey courses.  
  • A200-A299 Sophomore-level, lower-division courses provide more depth than 100-level courses and/or build upon 100-level courses. These courses may connect foundation or survey courses with advanced work in a given field, require previous college experiences or develop advanced skills. 

Upper-Division Courses

Upper-division courses are usually taken by juniors and seniors. Upper division courses require a background in the discipline recognized through course prerequisites, junior or senior standing, of competency requirements. These courses demand well-developed writing skills, research capabilities and/or mastery of tools and methods of discipline.

  • A300-A399: Junior-level, upper-division courses build upon previous course work and require familiarity with the concepts, methods, and vocabulary of a discipline.
  • A400--A499:Senior-level, upper-division courses require the ability to analyze, synthesize, compare and contrast, research, create, innovate, develop, elaborate, transform, and/or apply course material to solving complex problems, and generally require a substantial background of study in lower-level courses.

Professional Development Courses

A500-A599:Courses with these numbers are designed to provide continuing education for professionals at a post-baccalaureate level. They are not applicable to university degree or certificate program requirements and are not interchangeable with credit courses.

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