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University of Alaska Anchorage


Library Policies


  • Books and DVDs circulate for four weeks; 
  • Back issue magazines and videos circulate for one week; 
  • Items not overdue or in demand may be renewed once. 


  • 25 cents per book per day
  • Checkout is blocked when fines reach $5
  • Overdue fines are cancelled once books are returned
  • $52 replacement fee charged for lost or damaged books
  • Books borrowed from other COnsortium libraries may retain overdue fines even if returned.  

Interlibrary Loan

The interlibrary loan is a free service offered to KPC students, staff and faculty for course-related research. All other requests should be referred to your local public library.

You must have a current library card to request materials through Interlibrary Loan.

Interlibrary Loan requests from patrons who are not in good standing will be denied, regardless of user status.

If library materials are lost or damaged while in your possession, you will be responsible for any replacement fees incurred. You will also be responsible for any overdue fees if items are not returned on time.

Interlibrary loan requests for textbooks that are available in the campus book store will be denied.

Library staff will accept no more than three Interlibrary Loan requests per day per person. The maximum number of Interlibrary Loan books checked out to one person at a time is three.

Request forms are available in the library at the circulation desk. Please check KPC's collection before requesting items.

Internet Usage Policy

In support of the Library's Mission Statement to provide adequate access to resources that will aid library patrons in their pursuit of information and life-long learning, the KPC Library is pleased to offer access to the Internet through a graphical web browser. The Internet as it exists today is a vast uncontrolled network, global in scope and diverse in content. Because of this, patrons are cautioned they may find information on the Internet to be: reliable, dishonest, uplifting, offensive, current, dated, questionable, or illegal.


  • Internet access is on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Please use your time here for serious research - do not use library computers to download music, stream video, chat, or play games. 
  • Given the nature of research, the library will not impose time limits on your Internet access but asks that you be considerate of others waiting to use computer stations. 
  • Library staff is available to help you with basic Internet questions and search strategies, but it is strongly suggested students take advantage of courses offered here on campus (e.g., CIOS 119 and LS101), online tutorials, and books to become comfortable using the Internet. 
  • Understand that some information found on the Internet is protected by copyright law, and patrons assume all responsibility for any infringement or illegal downloads made on their account. 
  • Printing is available on library computers. Printing charges may only be paid with a Wolfcard, so be sure you have your student I.D. before generating print jobs. 

Be aware that library patrons not in compliance with these guidelines, with UAA's Policy on Appropriate Use of Computing Resources or with state and federal regulations regarding Internet usage, will be asked to leave, and may have their campus Internet access revoked.

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