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KPC Fees

There are two types of enrollment based fees as well as fees based on different application parameters.

  • Mandatory student fees are non-refundable and charged to students based on credit load (how many credits they are taking).
  • Course fees are charged based on particular class types. For example, lab classes may have individual lab fees to cover materials.
  • Other fees are charged based on a specific service or situation.

Mandatory Student Fees

KPC Consolidated Fee

KPC is simplifying how mandatory student fees are assessed. Beginning with the 2021 spring semester seven separate mandatory fees were replaced by a single $22.30 per credit fee.  This fee will be assessed starting when a student registers and will appear on student’s account as “KPC Consolidated Fee.” This fee will apply to all students, in all KPC courses, regardless of the delivery mode, location or term.

KPC students will no longer be charged a separate $18 per credit technology fee for face to face courses, $7 per credit fee for distance delivered courses, $10 per credit summer semester fee for face to face courses, $4.50 per credit student activity fee for face to face courses based on the KPC campus the student is enrolled, or the $8 per credit health clinic fee charged to Kenai River Campus face to face students. In addition, students will no longer pay the flat fee of $40 for admissions or the $40 for graduation.

The non-refundable consolidated fee is used to provide students with a variety of opportunities and services that enhance the quality of the educational experience and facilitate the delivery of instruction by covering costs associated with the use of various in-class and e-learning instructional materials, supplies, and technologies, as well as student activities and student wellness. This fee helps ensure students receive a well-rounded educational experience that goes beyond the classroom.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the services being provided by the consolidated student fee. Regardless of delivery mode or location, all KPC students now are eligible to participate in student government on their respective campuses. 

There are no waivers for the KPC consolidated fee including no senior citizen waivers.

UA Facilties Fee

$6 per credit regardless of course delivery. This non-refundable mandatory fee is administered by the University of Alaska. It supports facility renovation and infrastructure renewal. Revenue from facilities fees paid by KPC students remains at KPC.

UA Network Access Fee

This non-refundable mandatory fee is administered by the University of Alaska. The UA network fee covers rapidly rising costs of the university-wide infrastructure. It helps offset part of the costs for maintaining and enhancing the system network that connects all UA campuses to each other and to the Lower 48 and allows for Internet and research network access. Half of the fee revenue charged to KPC students goes to the University of Alaska statewide system; the remainder remains at KPC to address local campus network and student access needs.

The network charge will be applied on a course-by-course basis on tuition, non-resident surcharges if applicable, and fees in lieu of tuition for credit and noncredit courses. Courses with applicable fees in lieu of tuition less than the lower division credit hour tuition rate will be exempt from the charge. All calculated fees will be rounded to the nearest dollar. The minimum network charge per course will be $3.

  • Lower Division: $9 per credit
  • Upper Division: $11 per credit
  • Graduate: $21 per credit
  • Non-resident rate: $32 per Lower Division (000-200 level) credit
  • Non-resident rate: $34 per Upper Division (300-400 level) credit
  • Non-resident rate: $43 per Graduate credit

Course Fees

Course fees vary by course and are shown on the UAOnline detailed class information pages. To view fees for a specific class, go to the UAOnline Class Schedule Search and select the class CRN.

  • Administrative Fee: An administrative fee may be charged instead of tuition.
  • Lab and Materials Fees: These additional charges cover the costs of lab supplies. Refer to the specific class listing on UAOnline for more information on lab and material fees. These fees are not refundable unless the class is dropped during the 100 percent refund period.
  • Special Fees: Special fees are assessed to pay for travel, equipment or facilities out of the ordinary.

Other Fees

Fee Cost/Explanation
ACCUPLACER Testing $18 per testing session. For more information call the KRC Testing Center at 907.262.0227. 
Audit  Fees are the same as for those enrolled for credit. 
Brokered Fees TBD
Credit-By-Examination Fee $40 per credit. Student must complete all application materials in advance of registration .
Dual Enrollment/Concurrent Enrollment Fee TBD
Independent Study Same as regular tuition rates. 
Late Payment A late fee is accessed when all tuition and fees owed have not been paid or a payment plan is not in place by the published deadlines. The first late payment fee is $125. The second additional late payment fee is $175. Courses with irregular start or end dates are not exempt from the payment deadlines.
Non-Credit Course Fee  Classes numbered 001-049 are non-credit courses. These courses do not meet degree requirements and may have fees other than regular tuition.
Transcripts Official transcript requests can be made through UAOnline. Select the Student Services & Account Information tab. Official electronic transcripts are available for $12. Official paper transcripts are available for $15.  Further details can be found on UAOnline.
Test Proctoring $43 fee for up to three hours of test proctoring services. This service is open to the public. Testing Center 907.262.0227.
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