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This is an image of Clayton Brockel, KPC's founding director, writing a check to provide for a donation to student scholarship endowments his family supported.

KPC's Founding Director Clayton Brockel (1926-2013) and his wife Jean, have been tireless benefactors for the college

Ways to Give

Ways to Give

There are many ways to give to Kenai Peninsula College including gifts of cash, gifts of stock, real estate or other property and memorial gifts. While KPC is grateful for every donor's charitable intentions, some types of gifts require prior approval and legal forms of acceptance. Also note that tax laws governing deductions for gifts of real property can be complex. For more information consult your financial adviser or see IRS Publication 561.

Gifts can be made online, via our secure server through the University of Alaska Foundation. Gifts to benefit KPC in general, or the Kenai River Campus, Anchorage or Seward extension sites may be made by check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover and sent to KPC Advancement, 156 College Road, Soldotna, AK 99669. Cash donations designated for a specific KBC fund can be sent to Kachemak Bay Campus, 533 E. Pioneer Ave. Homer, AK 99603. Make a Gift Online NOW

A gift using the stock you hold is a great way to provide for student scholarships at KPC. You may find that you can make a larger contribution by giving stock - particularly stock which has appreciated in value - than you could by giving cash. A gift of shares of common stock will be sold by the UA Foundation and the net proceeds used for the purpose specified for your gift to KPC.

Leave a life legacy gift to the college! You can choose to make a gift via a simple bequest in your will. Then upon your death, some or all of your estate passes to the UA Foundation to be placed into the fund or funds to benefit the KPC area you have specified for the gift.

Real Estate, Life Estate Agreements or Personal Property
Explore options to leave your real estate and/or personal property to the college! Gifts of real estate can be very attractive for you and for KPC and the UA Foundation. The college would be happy to discuss gifts of a home, vacation property, undeveloped property or any other real estate holdings.

Annuities or Trusts
Charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts provide a lifetime stream of income and also include a substantial gift to the College. And if you own valuable assets that generate little or no income, there are ways to turn those assets into a gift which gives you significant income plus an income tax deduction right now.

You can choose to set up a charitable gift annuity whereby the gift is given in exchange for the right for you (and your spouse, if you desire) to receive a set income for your lifetime(s) after which the remainder is used by the UA Foundation for the purpose you have specified.

Other options include charitable remainder trusts and revocable living trusts. A charitable remainder trust would be set up with a gift of cash, stock or real property to the UA Foundation. The money (or proceeds from the sale of your gift) would be invested by the UA Foundation and a certain percentage would be sent to you each year as an annuity payment. The payments would continue until you (and your spouse, if desired) pass away at which point the amount remaining in the trust would be used for the purpose you have specified for your gift.

A revocable living trust is one set up to receive a portion of your assets to benefit the UA Foundation. Upon your death, the assets in the trust would pass to the UA Foundation and used for the purpose you have specified or placed into the fund or funds you have identified.

A life estate agreement allows you donate your home to the UA Foundation who in turn grants you the right to live in the home until you die. At that point, the home is sold by the UA Foundation and the proceeds would be used for the purpose you have specified to benefit KPC or placed into the fund or funds you have identified.

Tangible gifts such as artwork, collectibles, etc. that are gifted to the college would be sold by the UA Foundation and the proceeds 
would be used to benefit the college for the purpose you have specified or placed into the fund or funds you have identified.

Life Insurance
You can choose to purchase a life insurance policy and donate it to the UA Foundation to ultimately benefit KPC. The UA Foundation would hold the policy until your death at which point it would be cashed in and the proceeds would be used for the purpose you have specified or placed into the fund or funds you have identified. Alternatively, you could simply name the UA Foundation as the beneficiary of an existing policy. Upon your death, the same thing would occur. Be sure and discuss the potential tax benefits that life insurance gifts may provide.

Memorial gifts of any size can be designated in the name of the deceased you seek to honor with a donation to benefit the fund or funds you have identified. For gifts of $25,000 or greater, a new named endowed fund can be established in memory of a family member, classmate, faculty member or friend.

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