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JumpStart & High School Students

KPC offers high school juniors and seniors the chance to take college credits for a discounted rate while still in high school!

The JumpStart Program (Discounted Tuition Program)

  • Policies:
    • Students must be residents of the Kenai Peninsula Borough and have junior or senior standing with their high school. Freshmen and sophomores may take KPC classes but their tuition will not be subsidized by the JumpStart Program. 
    • The discounted tuition rate is only applied to courses originating at a KPC campus (Soldotna, Homer, or Seward).
    • EVERY semester the high school student must submit a completed JumpStart Form to receive the discount.
    • The Kenai Peninsula Borough pays approximately 2/3 of the tuition charge for up to 6 credits per semester.
    • The discounted tuition rate is contingent upon approval of Borough funds. If funds are not approved, students will be responsible for the full cost. Students who cannot afford the cost must complete a Drop form by the 100% refund deadline.
    • There are fees attached to each class. The JumpStart discount does not apply to fees. Please check the fees of your classes as some fees are significantly higher than others (i.e., Welding fee).
    • Students are responsible for any outstanding account balance, all fees and textbooks.
    • The JumpStart form is due no later than 5:00 pm Friday of the 2nd week of classes (the last day to Add/Drop).
    • Students with incomplete, missing, or late forms will not receive the JumpStart discount.
    • Students are responsible for paying their account balance prior to the published deadlines for late fees, or late fees will accrue.
    • Signing the JumpStart form gives permission for the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District or the student’s home-school program to access his/her KPC academic and registration records, including courses taken, grades received and enrollment information for the purposes of verifying enrollment and satisfactory academic progress.
    • A FERPA Authorization to Release Educational Record Information form is required for parents/guardians to access their minor’s educational records.
    • Students are eligible for Jumpstart once they have completed their Sophomore year, and can begin taking KPC courses the summer before their Junior standing in high school. Students can take up to six credits per semester for up to six semesters (up to 30 credits total). Students who have graduated from high school are no longer eligible for Jumpstart. 
  • To maximize your benefit in this program:
    • Meet with your HS counselor to determine what KPC classes will provide dual credit (meet both high school and college needs). 
    • Meet with a KPC Advisor to ensure your courses meet your long-term academic goals. 
    • Students should be academically and socially prepared for the challenge of a college class. Failure to complete college credits satisfactorily may affect your federal financial aid eligibility after high school. 
  • If it is your first semester in the JumpStart program:
    • If you do not have a UA ID number, complete and submit the Non-Degree-Seeking Admission form
    • Complete the Secondary Student and Parent/Guardian Agreement form (SPA). This outlines that high school students and their guardian understand that the high school student will be treated like all other college students including, but not limited to the code of conduct discipline processes. 
    • Check with your advisor for New Student Orientation Information.
    • Complete placement tests or submit previous math/English college credits including current test scores (SAT, or ACT, or Accuplacer). Accuplacer testing can be scheduled through KPC Student Services (907.262.0330). The ALEKS Test for math placement is available free online after you obtain a UA ID.
  • Registration Process:
    • Register for classes at UAOnline
    • High School students can register for each semester beginning the first day of general registration. For general registration dates, check the Academic Calendar
    • All classes prerequisites will apply, including required test scores, previous coursework, and faculty, program, departmental, or class standing prerequisites. 
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JumpStart and high school students are encouraged to review the Student Code of Conduct.

 Contact Info

Kenai River Campus (Soldotna), 907.262.0383

Kachemak Bay Campus (Homer), 907.235.7743

Resurrection Bay Extension Site (Seward),907-262-0285

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