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CNA Additional Information

Please be sure and read this information for a more complete understanding of the application process!
  • Review the complete State of Alaska nursing statutes, regulations and application information.
  • A criminal background check, authorized by the student, is required PRIOR to the clinicals section of the class. Felonies and substance abuse related infractions prevent licensure by the State of Alaska as a CNA. In addition, CNA clinical training sites will not allow students with these types of infractions to interact with patients in their facilities. For these reasons, felonies and substance abuse infractions disqualify students from entry into the training section of the program. Students who are unsure if they qualify for entry should meet with an advisor.
  • Please note that clinical sites may require random drug testing for all employees, trainees and volunteers. Testing positive for drugs, or any infractions as described above, will disqualify students from participating in and/or completing the HCA A105 CNA class. It is the students responsibility to confirm that they are eligible before attending the course. Again, if unsure about qualifying meet with an a advisor. No refunds will be given to those who don’t comply with this policy.
  • As per the Alaska Department of Community and Economic Development, after an individual completes the Board of Nursing approved nurse aide training program and submits a CNA application and fees, the application is evaluated by the Board of Nursing staff.
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