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Media Center

Requesting Media Center Equipment

Please submit a written request at least one day prior to needing the equipment. Equipment request forms are available in the library, though email requests are okay too. Submitting your request early helps us to meet your needs more effectively and efficiently. If you are requesting equipment for use outside scheduled class time, then you must have a classroom reserved before filling out the request form. See the administrative assistant in the Director’s Office for room use requests. Equipment will be delivered to the classroom at the time and day indicated on your request form. Overhead projectors, powerpoint projectors, and TV/VCRs are permanently assigned to some classrooms. Please check the classroom before requesting equipment.

Equipment may be checked out for an entire semester, if availability of inventory permits. If you anticipate using any equipment on a regular basis throughout the semester, please fill out the Semester Check-out request form. This will save you from requesting equipment each week.

If any equipment fails to function properly, or if bulbs burn out and you are unsure how to replace them, please inform us immediately so we can either repair or replace the equipment as needed. Also, if you are not familiar with the operation of equipment, please contact library staff for assistance.

Students are not allowed to take KPC media equipment off campus, even for class-related projects. All use of KPC media equipment must be on campus.

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