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Grants & Restricted Funds

Providing responsible fiscal stewardship for Kenai Peninsula College.

Restricted Funds

KPC Administrative Services manages all restricted funds. Restricted funds are monies that have a predesignated use. Funding for grants, scholarships, donations, student government and student clubs have requirements or directives that determine how its money will be spent. 


KPC employees are not authorized to engage in grant application or grant funded activities without advanced approval of the College Director. Administrative Services manages all KPC grants including vetting, the application process, budget, and reporting coordination.

Contact the Cheryl Brock, KPC Accounting Manager, for assistance.  Keep in mind it will take three to six weeks to process grant applications through the UAA system.  Please plan accordingly.


Scholarships are an incredible source of financial assistance for KPC students. Unlike loans, scholarship funds are financial aid designed to help students pay for college.  Many students could not reach their academic goals with the help of scholarships. To make a gift to KPC, please visit our Giving page.


KPC Administrative Services can provide support in coordinating donations to our College.  KPC has a long history of generous gifts from the members of community both large and small.  The individuals and corporations champion the future of KPC.  

Due to the complexity of donations it is highly recommended the details of any potential donation be reviewed in advance.  Please contact Carrie Couey, Director of Administration Services.

Student Government & Student Clubs

KPC Administrative Services provides support in the development and management of budgets to student organizations, including, KPC Student Clubs and KPC Student Government.  

Contact Info

Cheryl Brock
Cheryl Brock
KPC Accounting Manager
(907) 262-0224
Kenai River Campus
Enid S. McLane Building (EMB) 169G
No photo
Carrie Couey
Director of Administrative Services
(907) 262-0359
Kenai River Campus
Enid S. McLane Building (EMB) 169F
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