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Larry and Rusty (Lorraine) Lancashire and their cabin, Soldotna 1950

Larry Lancashire, a WWII Vet/Prisoner of War, filed on 160 acres on top of Pickle Hill where he constructed a large G.I. tent on a frame. His wife Rusty and daughters Martha, Lorraine, & Abby arrived from Ohio in the summer of 1948. Larry was skilled with tools and working with Howard Lee soon had a two room cabin built. He cleared land, built a root cellar, & planted some acres of White Bliss potatoes from Archie McLane seed. He and Rusty milked cows & raised chickens. Pictured here in the background the right is their cabin & on the left is the barn. They remained on their homestead the rest of their lives.


Larry Lancashire & wife Rusty (Lorraine) 


Mullen Collection 


Soldotna, Alaska 




BetterHomes & Garden 

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Black & White Slide 


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Marge Mullen 

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KPC Anthropology Lab 

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