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Emergency Med Tech I


Pass, Ashley
Perry, Tiffani

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Subject Code/Level/Section

EMT - A130 - 020


Emergency Medical Technology


Spring Semester 2022

Course Credits


Base fees (other charges may apply)

Description Amount
KPC EMT/PMED Lab/Mat. Fees $200.00
KPC Res Tuition Lower Lvl $1,872.00
KPC Network Charge $72.00

Meeting Times

Class Meeting

Building/Room Date Time Day
GOOD 144 1/10 - 4/30 9:00AM - 12:00PM M T W R


Undergraduate - UAA level PRPE A107 Minimum grade of D OR concurrent enrollment
OR Undergraduate - UAA level WRTG A090 Minimum grade of C
OR Undergraduate - UAA level WRTG A110 Minimum grade of D OR concurrent enrollment
OR Undergraduate - UAA level WRTG A111 Minimum grade of C OR concurrent enrollment
OR Undergraduate - UAA level WRTG A1W Minimum grade of C
OR (Accuplacer-Reading Comp score 065
AND Accuplacer-Sentence Skills score 075)
OR Accuplacer-Sum AASS + AARC score 140
OR (Accuplacer NG Writing score 250
AND Accuplacer NG Reading score 250)
OR Accuplacer NG AAWR + AARE score 500
OR Enhanced ACT English score 18

Course Description

Presents skills for proficiency in victim assessment, recognition, and treatment of medical emergencies and other basic life support procedures. May include practicum experience in hospitals, emergency rooms or other sites. Provides the necessary training to become state or nationally registered as an EMT, which is optional.

Special Note: Students must have the strength to be able to move victims, sufficient vision to assess condition of victims and dexterity to perform the skills application procedures.

Registration Restrictions: Provide evidence of CPR training at the professional provider level. A valid CPR credential includes CPR cards, course rosters or a letter from the CPR instructor attesting to the applicant's successful completion of a CPR program and indicating the course included adult, child and infant CPR and AED utilization. Restriction may be waived with instructor approval.

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