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Howard Lee homestead cabin, Soldotna 1950

This cabin can be seen at its original location on Corral Street near Soldotna Elementary school. An earlier entryman and his wife and infant, who had erected a quonset hut relinquished his claim to Lee. Howard and another homesteader, Larry Lanchshire worked together building shelters for their families. Lee's logs were two-sided on Larry's Sears Roebuck sawmill which he had trailored up from Ohio. A two story cabin approximately 16x18 with the upper half shingled. Lee's lived here only two or three years. If this was a test of their marriage, it failed. His 160 acres reached from Park St North to Marydale, and from Binkley, East to the water tower ridge..


Howard Lee, Maxine & children Karen and Michael 


Mullen Collection 


Soldotna, Alaska 




Ray Sandstrom 

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Black & White Slide 


5cm x 5 cm 



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Marge Mullen 

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KPC Anthropology Lab 

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