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Part of Progress Days Parade

At the Y in Soldotna. Progress days about 1960 when traffic on the Sterling Hwy was held up until the parade passed by. Its starting point was at the bridge. Pictured are Abbey Lanchshire and Eileen Mullen astride Filly and Babe. Each followed by new colts. These young women earned money to purchase these mares, Always had them bred (to sell the following year) Always put up their own hay (often from their own family homesteads). The parade of horses and young owners was a comparatively large part of early Soldotna Days Parades. Seen in the background is a model home on Farnsworth property. Later site of Dolly F's bookkeeping services and first Kenai Peninsula Borough offices, presently site of Heritage Square.


Abby Lancashire & Eilleen Mullen 


Mullen Collection 


Soldotna, Alaska 




Celeste Egan 

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Color Slide 


5cm x 5 cm 



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Marge Mullen 

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KPC Anthropology Lab 

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