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Rusty Lancashire with Eloise and young Dave Spencer Jr., Beaver Creek 1956

Dave Spencer's homestead house at Beaver Creek (between Kenai and Soldotna off the Kenai Spur Highway). Dave and Eloise came to Alaska from Colorado. They were married in Marty Muire's home in Moose, Wyoming. Their house was of frame construction with big windows and a celestory. They had four children, and were an outdoor family evidenced here by the skiis and snowshoes. They built a tennis court not far from their home, and a lot of effort went into the earth/clay surfacing of the court. It was enjoyed by many young people. Dave was the first manager of the U.S. Kenai National Moose Range.


Rusty Lancashire with Eloise and Dave Spencer 




Beaver Creek, Alaska 


March 1956 


Dave Remley 

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Color slide 


3.5 x 2 cm 



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Marge Mullen 

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KPC Anthropology Lab 

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