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White bliss potato harvest at Ciechanski homestead, Soldotna late 1960's

Potatoes were a good crop in new soil, Most of the early homesteaders bought their seed from Archie McLane of Kasilof who was already successful with potatoes. The strain was called White Bliss. The crop was harvested after a frost had killed the vines. Then the potatoes were dug on a sunny day and laid out to dry as seen in this photo. These are of good uniform size and skins are in perfect condition. Later in the day they would be picked up and put in burlap sacks, placed in a somewhat warm place until the skins thickened, then stored, ideally at 34 degrees. Original photo can be seen at the Soldotna Historical Museum.




Mae Ciechanski 


Ciechanski homestead, lower Kenai River, Soldotna, Alaska 


Late 1960's 


Mae Ciechanski 

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Color photo scan 





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Marge Mullen 

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KPC Anthropology Lab 

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