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Group photo of families identified by Nick Leman, Ninilchik 1900

Included with this photo are identifying notes from Nick Leman of Ninilchik. Joseph Cooper back row, 2nd from left. Married Elizabeth Kvasnifoff (1872-1937) on 8/3/1888. Children:Frank Cooper 1888-1956: Charles Cooper 1892-1952:,Matrona Cooper (Resoff) (1894-1928); Irene Cooper (Leman) 1896-1985: Alfred Cooper (1898-197 ); Gladys Cooper (Deitz) (1903-1984) and Andrew Cooper (1905-1935). Second Row, right to left: Mathew KomKoff, Mike Crawford, Mike Kvasnikoff, Gregory Oskolkoff, Alexis Oskolkoff. Front sitting left to right :Catherine Oskolkoff, Theodora Komkoff, Anna Olsen from Belfonsky, Alaska. Joseph M. Cooper, born in Missouri. He came from San Francisco on a coal burning steam powered ship and landed at the Homer Spit, 1882 or 1883. He married Elizabeth Kvasnikoff of Ninilchik. He was also a gold miner, and stayed at both Homer and Ninilchik. Cooper Landing is named for him, and he died 1899 or 1900.


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Ninilchik, Alaska 





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