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Peggy and Eileen Mullen in front of Alex Bodnar's cabin, Soldotna 1951

Alex Bodnar's cabin which is located on North side, down river side of the Kenai River. Alex Bodnar and his brother Marcus arrived in Soldotna to homestead. They freighted their tools and meager household items and an Allis Chalmers, model C tractor from Anchorage to the beach in Kenai. Made the journey to Soldotna over a muddy trail. These brothers were newly naturalized citizens, born in Canada. Since they were not veterans, they filed on small acreage's and proceeded to clear the required land. Marcus Bodnar filed on similar acreage at Big Eddy. The brothers worked together in building and clearing land. They were developing skills and synchronized admirably. This cabin had two rooms and a loft. They hand dug a well in the center of the small kitchen area and topped the pipe with a hand pump. Noticeable was a student chair made of spruce poles. The brothers took turns preparing the main meal of the day. The person not cooking, sat in this chair and read aloud classics. They lived here only two or three years, then moved to Anchorage where they were employed on Ft. Richardson.


From left to right: Eileen Mullen, Nanny the Goat, Peggy Mullen 


Mullen Collection 


Kenai River, Soldotna, Alaska 




Ray Sandstrom 

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