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Howard J. Binkley's cabin, Soldotna, 1954

Howard J. Binkley, a WWII veteran from Pennsylvania, homesteaded 160 acres on the north side of the Kenai River Bridge, and his land extended to Birch Lane. He built his cabin near the bridge. His first cabin was tiny, in fact the first night he occupied it he realized it was not long enough to fully stretch out! As soon as he received title he began selling the property. Alaska Road Commission families were eager to get a small building site. Since there were no surveyors in the area, Binkley told prospective buyers to just go select a piece and mark it with tape on the trees. His greatest need was for sugar and malt, for if his home brew barrel was not full, his life was a disaster. He is pictured here in front of a log house he hired built, nice size, two story, propane cookstove, a good woodpile in foreground. This structure was moved to a location off East Redoubt, and is nicely restored. Binkley spent only five to six years before returning to Pennsylvania.


Howard J. Binkley 


Mullen Collection 


Soldotna, Alaska 




Ray Sandstrom 

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