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Looking down Corral Street off the Kenai Spur Road, Soldotna 1964

Sign says Public Library, arrow points down Corral Street. Soldotna Library at the time was in the basement of Drs. Isaak and Gaede Clinic. The small room contained a collection of donated books and other books which were purchased with a small state grant. A library board which included Joyce Carver, Katherine Parker, Mable Smith, Dolly Farnsworth and Betty Smith. The other side of lower level was occupied by the dentist Calvin Fair. After the sign, the long, shiny roof covers the large Quonset type building which was the Soldotna Theatre, owned and operated by Shirley and George Denison. They showed 16 mm movies on the weekends. The two story log structure (Lee homestead cabin) with additions was then occupied by Zilla and Justin Maile, she operated the very popular Yarn Shop. He was an engineer with the Highway Department. The trailer in view in their yard was a rental. Soldotna Elementary School is in view, far right.




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Corral Street, Soldotna, Alaska 




Jo Godes 

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Marge Mullen 

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