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How to hire a KPC instrumentation or process tech graduate

Hire a KPC Grad!

Stop by the Kenai River Campus, talk to KPC professors (see below) and find out why KPC programs are valued by students and the industry partners that hire them. Many companies already know the benefit of hiring KPC graduates.

  • Make arrangements to meet KPC students enrolled in process or industrial process instrumentation tech classes and take a campus tour! In order to make the most of a campus visit, contact one of the instructors below (phone or e-mail) and they can help identify the target group and determine the best time to interact with their students.
  • Process Technology and Instrumentation faculty contacts:
  • Send job postings directly to KPC! Often companies only post job opportunities on their websites and the information may not reach the entire group of talented KPC candidates (current students and graduates). Please send all process technology (operator) and industrial process instrumentation technician job postings directly to: 
    • Jeffrey Laube
    • All job postings will be forwarded to a database of e-mail addresses of KPC process technician and instrumentation students and graduates.
  • Many companies offer continuing education funding to their current employees. KPC can offer those motivated employees additional classes designed for the working employee.
  • KPC process and instrumentation classes are offered three semesters per year.
    • Spring (mid-Jan. through early-May)
    • Summer (mid-May through early-Aug.)
    • Fall (late-Aug. through mid-Dec.)
  • For more information:
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